A Year of Remarkables

52 ideas that will change how you think about campaigning

If you’re ready to take chances and win big, this is your guide. Brought to you by Capulet and New/Mode, A Year of Remarkables shares 52 curated, creative ideas gathered from around the globe. This e-book will change the way you think about creative campaigning.

Ideas from around the globe

Read about 52 inspiring campaigns by people making change around the world from Taiwan to the Faroe Islands.

Make your own remarkable

Understand how it’s done with detailed case studies and take inspiration from these creative campaigns to craft your own.

As a campaigner, your only limit is your imagination. Get a fresh dose of it now with A Year of Remarkables.

About Capulet

Capulet makes Remarkables—high-impact digital marketing campaigns that attract attention and get people fired up about causes and businesses that are making positive change in our world.

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