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Meet the Stars of Team Capulet

Portrait of Sarah Doty
Syju John


For 20 years, Julie has designed and run high-impact marketing campaigns for advocacy organizations. Favourite projects include launching pro-vaccine campaigns with the American Academy of Pediatrics, producing Fireworks Factory and building a giant blanket fort in downtown Vanouver with Canuck Place. Julie loves training, coaching and supporting teams for peak performance. Mentoring is in her blood… she’s also a nationally-certified figure skating coach.

Favorite place you've lived

Southern France

Alternative career

Landscape architect

Unexpected fact about you

I was a competitive figure skater growing up

Favourite app

Yr.no. You’re using the wrong weather app. Trust the Norwegians.

Number of languages spoken

1.68 (English = 1, French = 0.5, German = 0.18)

Irritating marketing trend

Spammy, nuisance push notifications to mobile devices


In memoriam: Darren Barefoot was a mentor to many and a dedicated changemaker who understood the power of storytelling to create change.

Darren drove climate change action and impact through his work with the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat and Capulet Communications where he worked with organizations like Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Ecojustice.

Darren died of metastatic cancer in February, 2023. You can read more about his remarkable life here.


Coolest celebrity encounter

I shook hands and got a photo with Justin Trudeau at the Paris climate talks

Best work of art

I wrote a play about the trials of falling in love with an Irish girl

Best concert you attended

Cassandra Wilson at the Chan Centre. Her version of ‘Tupelo Honey’ was divine.

Unexpected undergraduate degree

Double-major in Theatre and Creative Writing

Favourite outdoor activity

Rambling, in the British style with accompanying pubs

Fascinating but worrying marketing trend

Bot-based marketing


Sarah is an expert communicator and digital native who is passionate about using her skills for good. She comes to Capulet from an environmental non-profit where she ran digital advocacy campaigns targeting government officials. In a recent project, she was at the helm of facebook.com/nonprofits, making non-profit content for 1.1 million followers. Sarah loves coming up with fresh ideas, the challenge of writing and talking pop culture.

Favourite book

I’ve been giving the same answer since age 13 and I stand by it. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.

Most remote place you've been

Seyðisfjörður, Iceland

Childhood nickname


Creative campaigning start

Winning a student council election in seventh grade by giving out “Vote for Sarah” lollipops

Marketing advice from a millennial

Content needs to start conversations

More marketing advice from a millennial

We can tell when you’re trying too hard


Ally has over ten years of marketing and creative experience in the entertainment, automotive and non-profit sector. This wide range in knowledge helps her bring a fresh and strategic lens to every project. She comes to Capulet determined to flex her creative skills in a way that will make a difference. A recent project brought her expertise to Western Africa, where she developed creative alongside local artists to encourage vaccine uptake in healthcare workers. Ally loves to lend a critical eye, talk food and climb indoor rock walls.

Favourite comic book series

Saga by Bryan K. Vaughan

Favourite activity

Coffee with a good book and a view

Coolest celebrity encounter

Met the lead singer of Save Ferris then got a hug from her #swoon

Craziest thing I’ve done

Moved to LA with nothing but my car and my dog, Prudence, without having been there before. Did the same thing five years later when moving to Canada.

Creative advice

Let go of your ego


Syju is a digital marketing professional with a decade of experience. She’s dedicated to making a genuine impact in the world, one campaign at a time. Working with non-profit organizations fuels her sense of purpose. Whether it’s spreading awareness about routine immunization, demystifying sexual reproductive health or boosting self-esteem, she’s all in. From Ethiopia to India, South Africa and Indonesia, Syju’s work has crisscrossed cultures and continents.

Favourite pastime

Reading a psychological thriller by the beach

Languages spoken

English, Kannada, and Malayalam

Childhood (and current) nickname


Alternative career

Clinical Psychologist

Marketing advice from a millennial

Stand in your audience’s shoes while designing your campaign

For 20 years our small, expert team has worked with clients and partners to produce strategies and launch campaigns that inspire people to take meaningful actions – whether that’s getting themselves and their children vaccinated or asking government officials to meet climate change targets.

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