The Flip: Four ways to make your next campaign remarkable

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Darren recently contributed an article to Facebook Social Good, Facebook’s platform for supporting non-profits and charities. Read an excerpt below.

At the UN climate talks in Paris, the most remarkable attraction was a work of art. Greenpeace had created a two-story growling, animatronic polar bear sculpted from recovered shipwrecks. At the entrance to the Parc des Expositions the polar bear, Aurora, roared her alarm about the necessity for a global climate change policy. She became the backdrop for thousands of selfies.

The event was 40 acres of exhibition halls filled with hundreds of booths, every installation was vying for attention: France offered its own wine bar; India, a water feature; the US, a theatre. But, Greenpeace and Aurora knew the secret–Organizations all need to have conventional, “heartbeat” style communication to survive, but you need to create remarkable moments to thrive.

The Aurora polar bear is an example of what I call “a remarkable.” Inspired by marketing guru Seth Godin, it refers to a campaign “worthy of being remarked upon.” Here are some recent remarkables:

  • For International Women’s Day, a Romanian patisserie started selling baked goods that were literal pie charts, highlighting gender and wage inequality.

  • For Valentine’s Day, a New York zoo offered the chance to name a Madagascar hissing cockroach in honor of a formerly-special someone. Ten bucks bought a digital certificate with your ex’s name!

Read the rest of the article on Facebook Social Good.

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