Social Media Master Class Series

After much planning, several trans-Atlantic Skype calls, and countless calendar updates, Capulet is pleased to announce a new workshop series that we call the social media marketing strategy master class series (now that’s a mouthful.)
Time and again, we find ourselves commending training opportunities and conferences that deliver tangible advice and real direction while criticizing those workshops and conference sessions that fall short of experience and new learnings in the field of social media.

We’ve taken the best of what we’ve seen and combined it with what we know to bring you five separate workshops. Each one is designed for senior marketing professionals in distinct industry sectors. Strategy discussion, examples and best practices are customized for each workshop and will be led by Capulet staff as well as individual instructors from our network of web marketing experts.

The calendar is up and, if you’re game, we look forward to meeting and working with you to rethink and/or refine how you acquire customers and build online community using promotional techniques and smart digital strategy that resonates with a web savvy audience.

All workshops run from 9:30am to 4:30pm and are based in Vancouver in the Tides Canada building at 163 W Hastings Street. See “Upcoming Workshops” below for the complete list of sessions.

The following is a list of our upcoming workshops:

September 13, 2012 Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses
October 26, 2012 Social Media Strategy for Online Community Managers
November 23, 2012 Social Media Strategy for Healthcare
February 22, 2013 Social Media Strategy for Educational Institutions and Organizations
April 26, 2013 Online Movement Building Strategy for Not-for-Profits and NGOs


(This awesome photo is courtesy Christopher Sessums, a generous flickr user.)

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