3 Web Writing Rules

Writing web content is a big part of what we do at Capulet. When we review web text we often encounter the same problems. Follow these rules for a clearer, more compelling website.

Focus on what potential customers want, not on yourself. No one likes getting stuck beside the guy who only talks about himself. The same rule applies on the web. Instead of telling visitors about YOU, explain how you can help THEM. If you must talk about yourself, get a customer to do it in a testimonial.
Leave out tech jargon and acronyms. Need an SSL VPN or NAC for your SMB? Don’t spatter your homepage with technical buzzwords. Instead, use real english to outline the problem your visitor may be experiencing and then clearly explain how you can help them solve it.
Include at least one call to action. Even if you’ve written a compelling, well-crafted website, you need to instruct visitors what to do next: download a white paper, sign-up for a beta program, try a 30-day free trial. Our client PutPlace’s website is a good example of what it looks like make bold calls to action.
Happy web writing!

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