Three Articles on Managing Online Communities

A part of what we do at Capulet is create, manage and advise on online communities. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a core service, but it’s inevitably an important chunk of any social media project.
So, we do a fair bit of reading and blog monitoring on the subject. Here are three articles which recently crossed over our transom:

Social Signal writes about how to rage-proof your online community. I don’t necessarily agree with all their points–there’s no real way to avoid invective, and I think any social group needs a bit–but their advice is very sound.
Over at Common Craft, Lee’s created a huge master list of what your community can look like beyond a simple discussion forum. It’ll make a very useful checklist when deciding what should and shouldn’t go in a given project.
Nancy is sociliting feedback for an update to her excellent article about faciliting online communities.

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