Kudos to PR Web

I’ve used a number of wire services over the years. As the whole world of online PR changes I find wire services less and less useful. That said, I’m not ready to give them up entirely. Last week a client wanted to send out a press release over the wire, but did not have a budget for Marketwire, one of the services I usually suggest. So, I recommended PR Web, a free service with some ‘top up’ options.
It’d been a little while since I used the service so I didn’t realize that many of the features, including next day release, had moved from the $80 package into a $200 package. Kudos to PR Web for responding to my inquiry immediately, explaining the new service options and giving me a one-time ‘freebie’ with next day delivery, because I’d been a member for a couple of years. All in all it was a good customer experience. Something one appreciated while putting a press release on the wire at 9 pm for next day delivery.

The effectiveness of newswires is still in question. I’ll save that diatribe for another blog post.

Tags: wire+services, prweb, press+release

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