18 Tips on Building Buzz

At Boris’s urging, I checked out LinkedIn’s new Answers section. It’s essentially a business-specific version of Yahoo Answers, and another way to network (and seek validation from strangers) on the site.
I answered a few questions myself. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any way I can show you a view of my answers. That’d be a feature request for me. Also, where’s the RSS feed for a particular category of questions, such as sales and marketing?

Regardless, I spotted this question and enjoyed reading the broad range of answers:

What is the best free thing you have ever done to create some buzz for you or your organization?

The answers range from the mundane (“Added the new offerings to my signature and mailed all my friends”) to the bizarre (“we created a fake action group against the World Cup”). That second one was apparently quite effective, though any non-North American doing that risks a lynching.

Tags: linkedin, viral+marketing, promotion, buzz

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