Monique’s Report from the CMA Digital Marketing Conference

I’ll be honest, the CMA Digital Marketing Conference was totally off my radar. A couple of my colleagues said the same thing. Maybe it’s just an east coast thing?
Happily, our friend and colleague Monique attended (all the way from the west coast) and has provided some extensive session summaries. Here’s a sample:

Frank is a nice guy. He’s the General Director of Marketing. But he’s not a great speaker, well he’s okay, but for the first speaker of the day, he’s a little stiff. Frank glowed about the advances GM Canada is making in the online space and he showed off some of the innovative ways GM is marketing online. But I didn’t think his presentation was a real, hardhitting look at the online opportunities. It was sort of old school does old-school marketing online. Sure there’s some fun, flashy stuff, but I thought it was a bit of a yawn.

Monique’s a good writer, so when I get some time I must read through these. Maybe I’ll apply to speak at next year’s event?

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