Marketer Intends to Write Blog Post Criticizing The WeblogWire

I couldn’t help but have a little fun at the expense of this new service that enables bloggers to receive press releases. All it cost me was 50 bucks:

After a dinner of sweet and sour chicken and yang zhou fried rice, marketer and blogger Darren Barefoot announced tonight that he will write a blog post criticizing WeblogWire, a new service that promises to deliver press releases to bloggers. Barefoot remarked that he would get around to it after viewing Veronica Mars, assuming it was an episode he hadn’t seen.

Really, this is a bad idea. All it teaches PR people is that the Old Ways are Good, and that press releases can now deliver the blogosphere as they have delivered the mainstream media before. Media and blogger relations (and they’re not very different) is all about relationships, which tend to cost more in time and effort than fifty bucks.

UPDATE: Huh, they took it down already. Here’s a screenshot for posterity.

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