Flash and Email Do Not Mix

We produce a lot of corporate newsletters. We do a number for clients on a regular basis, and when we get around it, we put out one of our own (you can sign up here if you’re really keen). About 18 months ago, we did a pretty thorough analysis of the email newsletter tools, and concluded that Constant Contact was the right combination of features and price.
Todd recommended we have a look at Campaign Monitor, and it looks pretty cool. It’s targeted at web designers, but seems to have all the funcionality that any small business would need. Plus, they’ve got a blog written by folks who are actually interested in the business. Check out their recent post on testing Flash in email:

A while back we wrote about the perils of using Flash in your email newsletters. Our verdict – don’t do it. To this day, we still get emails asking about any workarounds we might know of to get Flash working in email. Occasionally we even get a more aggressive email telling us we’re just plain wrong. Funnily enough, these claims are never backed up with examples.

We may use Campaign Monitor to send out our next newsletter, and see how it goes.

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