Get Creative and Granular With Your Marketing

I was at an HTCE event last night. A recurring theme was the exploding multiplicity of marketing channels, and the need to get extremely granular in your approach. There are fewer and fewer reasons, for example, to get your clients into (or advertise in) The Vancouver Sun. Instead, you want to narrow your audience as much as possible, and market appropriately. At the risk of blowing my own horn, I think QA Podcast is a good example of this.
However, it’s not nearly as creative as the Google Maps mashup this San Jose comic shop created. It displays (ostensibly) the best comic shops in North America. More importantly, it got plugged on Boing Boing, which no doubt has thousands of comic readers. They’re all potential customers for Hijinx Comics, the store in question.

I submitted The Comicshop on West 4th, where I whiled away many hours (and spent many dollars) in my childhood.

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