Blog! the book

Paul Chaney has a short review of the latest blogging book on the block. Simply titled Blog! it looks to be a solid read. Chaney sells it for me with his enthusiasm, “if you buy only one blogging book this year, pick up a copy of Blog!, by David Kline and Dan Burstein. If ever there was a book that presented a “meta” view of blogging past, present, and future this is it.”

The results of this unusual moment in time may be nothing short of a new paradigm for modern human communication, conversation, argument, and collaborative knowledge creation. Blogging represents one important wave that is contributing to restoring the lost voice of the ordinary citizen in our culture.

In January, the long awaited Naked Conversations by Scoble and Israel will be released. There are so many blogging books out there now, it’s hard to say which one(s) will be valuable, but a recommendation or two never hurts.

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