Because We Love Buffy

Last Thursday the PR team for Serenity invited bloggers to advance screenings of the forthcoming Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly) science fiction film. The screenings are free, and all the PR team asks is that those attending blog about the movie – good or bad.
We happen to be big Buffy fans around here, so this piqued my interest (sadly Vancouver wasn’t on the list of screenings), but even more interesting was the overwhelming response from bloggers. The PR team had planned to accept registrations until the day before each screening (approximately a week), but all of the screenings filled up within 24 hours. Whedon has extremely loyal fans, and it seems that many of these fans are bloggers. According to Instapundit, the blog response was phenomenal. People are already talking about the movie, a week away from the prescreening. This was a really smart way to get dedicated fans talking, and create a new fan-base in the process.

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