New eCommerce Blog Valuable for Small Businesses

Via our friends at SmallBizBlog, I found new blog on the block, a great site covering eCommerce strategies for small business (there’s a book on the way as well). The blog/upcoming book is from one of the folks at Split Reason, a Vancouver-based online retailer specializing in interesting T-shirts and other apparel.
Blogger Sebastian answers his own question about what makes him an expert on eCommerce and small business:

What makes me an expert?

  1. The word expert is a subjective term. Are you an expert at sex? What does expertise entail? I’d like to think that expertise in large part has to do with research, and experience. Experience, is something I have, research is something I hope to embark on over the next 1-2 years using this blog as a tool for both collaborative discussions with other eCommerce and online marketing experts as well as a reservoir for my own thoughts on the topic.
  2. My experience stems primarily from working with numerous eCommerce and non-eCommerce clients over the years in trying to develop a successful online presence for them as well as running my own online store ( since the middle of 2003.

This looks like a good blog to keep your eye on, and it will give you a chance to learn from someone with concrete, first-hand experience running a successful eCommerce business.

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