Is Feed Branding The Next Wave?

Another interesting post from Fusion Branding, this time about the emerging trend of feed branding. Encompassing RSS feeds, ring tones and digital radio, feed branding’s most promising upstart is podcasting. Touted as the “next big thing”, with iTunes 4.9 now including support for podcasts, the use and popularity of podcasts are sure to keep growing.

Podcasts have other branding applications as well. Since audiences can be away from a TV, PC or other equipment, podcasts will be utilized more frequently – and be more effective – than videocassettes and their descendents. Business applications include supplying sales forces and prospects with product, usage or other information, establishing corporate communication networks for dispersed locations, facilitating knowledge capture, allowing meetings to be recorded and shared, and even providing guidance for new employees. These applications are also much cheaper and require less skill than other information-sharing techniques such as, say, Flash demos.

On another podcasting note, we recently helped client QA Labs launch QA Podcast. Read more about the launch on Darren’s personal blog.

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