Content by the Numbers

Further evidence that content is key, MarketingProfs has an interesting article on the value of content. The article mentions both Websites and intranets, but considering we’re a small company and we write a fair amount of Website copy, I’m more interested in the author’s take on the value of Web content.

I worked with a large organization recently that changed three words on its home page and increased sales leads by 30%. I know of an organization that changed one word in a Web site heading and trebled the click-through rate. I know of another organization that rid its site of brochure-ware content and replaced it with sharp, customer-focused Web content, and increased sales by over 100%.

While content can be fetishized over as easily as Web stats, it will be more useful to put good content on your site, leave it for awhile and see what sticks. If the adage “your website is your company” is true, then quality, targeted content is valuable and good content can play a significant role in business success.

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