10 Commandments for Participatory Public Relations

Steve Rubel offers his 10 Commandments for The Era of Participatory Public Relations. Taking his cue from a recent Business Week article proclaiming that mass collaboration is shaking up the Internet, Rubel asks, “So now that the public is calling the shots, what does it mean for public relations?” Here are Rubel’s commandments for PR in the age of participation…

  1. Thou shall listen
  2. Remember that all creatures great and small are holy
  3. Honor thy customer
  4. Thou shall not be fake
  5. Covet thy customers
  6. Thou shall be open and engaging
  7. Thou shall embrace blogging
  8. Thou shall banish corporate speak
  9. Thou shall tell the truth
  10. Thou shall thinketh in 360 degrees

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