It All Comes Down To Content

Jeremy Pepper has a great post today on the online press room and the necessity of quality content in PR, marketing, etc. Pepper questions the “different strategies for corporations to take when it comes to news and RSS feeds: rebuild the online press room, or just publish RSS feeds.”

  • You can have the perfect story, but if the pitch does not work, no one will bite. The pitch is your content.
  • You can have the greatest product in the world, but if you cannot articulate why it’s great, no one will care. That articulation is content development.
  • You can have the prettiest blog in the world, but if the content is lackluster, no one will read it.
  • You can be the greatest corporation, but if your press room does not have the right content, reporters and analysts will go away with no pertinent information.

Content is definitely key, no matter what your method of delivery. Whether RSS or podcasts, communications professionals should continue to adopt new technologies to deliver content, but also be creative with current tools in order to get their client’s or company’s message out. Some methods will work, others won’t, but if the content is there to back up the delivery, getting your message across will be much easier.

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