How to Handle the Media 101

Via Neville Hobson, a great post from UK journalist David Tebbutt on successful media relations. One of the services we offer our clients here at Capulet is media training, and I would definitely pass this along to a client as a good list of key points to remember in an interview. Here’s an overview of Tebbutt’s list, but go check out the article for a more in-depth insight into handling the media.

  1. Know your readers – the most important people in the world
  2. Hooking your emotions – this is what can make you blurt an indiscretion
  3. Gimme the proof – supporting evidence is vital. Without it, you’re just hot air
  4. Controlling the interview 1 – the basics of keeping out of trouble and moving to a message
  5. Controlling the interview 2 – how to move away from danger and bring the journalist with you
  6. Tricks to make you blurt – overview of the tricks that might be played on you
  7. Message writing – this is about the underpinning messages: the drivers
  8. A sense of perspective – words of reassurance, in case you’re worried
  9. Being off-duty – you’re always on duty when on company business, even if it’s a party

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