All Marketers Are Liars

Seth Godin has posted an excerpt from his forthcoming book “All Marketers Are Liars.”

Every organization-from nonprofits to car companies, from political campaigns to wine glass blowers-must understand that the rules have changed again. In an economy where the richest have an infinite number of choices (and no time to make them), every organization is a marketer and all marketing is about telling stories.

Marketers succeed when they tell us a story that fits our worldview, a story that we intuitively embrace and the share with our friends. Think of the Dyson vacuum cleaner and the iPod. Marketers fail when they are selfish and scurrilous, when they abuse the tools of their trade and make the world worse. Think of telemarketers and Marlboro.

Godin is an engaging writer, and he’s also often inflammatory. If you’ve enjoyed his past books, I’m sure this will be right up your alley.

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