10 Reasons to Blog

Via Steve Rubel, an article by Bob Cargill, senior creative director of Yellowfin Direct Marketing, with 10 reasons why advertising, marketing and PR pros should blog.

Most advertising, marketing and public relations professionals know a blog when they see one, but when it comes to actually using this relatively new, self-publishing platform, there are still many sceptics and naysayers among us. This time next year, however, those people will likely have come to their senses.

In 2005, I dare say you would have to be either misinformed or just plain obstinate to not at least consider adding a blog to your business plan. Here are 10 reasons why:

  • Blogs are interactive
  • Blogs are humanising
  • Blogs are inexpensive
  • Blogs are immediate
  • Blogs are infectious
  • Blogs are empowering
  • Blogs are enjoyable
  • Blogs are authoritative
  • Blogs are valuable
  • Blogs are popular

The article provides more detail for each of Cargill’s 10 Reasons, and can be applied to business blogging in general, not just PR, marketing and advertising folks. I agree that 2005 will be a big year for business blogging, and corporate communications using RSS.

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