Taking Care of Business

Strategic Public Relations posts about a new “reality” TV show called Taking Care of Business (TCOB). The show is a makeover for small businesses with four hosts including Richard Laermer, the first public relations professional to host a television series. Laermer is the author of Full Frontal PR and a principal at RLM Public Relations.
The SPR post includes a great interview with Laermer about the show, his books and public relations. He gives six tips for PR professionals that are common sense, but worth a read, in particular lessons 1 and 6.

1. Follow through on everything you say you�re going to do with journalists. Double check that you did it.


6. Follow through. I know I said it �twice -but it�s the most important �teaching� I can dole. You can�t imagine how many reporters just shake their head at us PR types when we don�t do what we say we�re going to do. And we have no excuse. It�s our job!

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