Blogging For Dollars

Over at ProBlogger a site that provides tips and advice on blogging for dollars, there’s an interesting post predicting the growth of blogging in ad agencies.

  • Ad agencies will seek out A-List bloggers who have strong relationships with other A-List bloggers to head up their blog placement departments.
  • Someone will step up and create a blog taxonomy that shows the key players in specific blog verticals. This will identify the �people to know� if you want to succeed with your blog pr campaign.
  • Large PR Firms and Ad Agencies will spin off subsidiaries dedicated to blogs to increase their relationship with bloggers and appear to be experts in blog product placement and blog pr.
  • Blogs will continue to increase their focus on specific areas whether these are niche verticals or niche subject areas.

We’re already moving towards some of these ideas, but it’ll be interesting to see if advertising agencies actually implement blog placing divisions.

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