Webinar Tool For Small Businesses

Our client, Rococo Software, is hosting a Mobility Solutions webinar on December 1, and needed a web conferencing tool for the event. After checking out larger companies like WebEx, we came across Convoq, a small company out of Boston.
Convoq’s product, ASAP Pro, is an individual named-user licenses that enable an unlimited number of free 25-person meetings. The cost? $199 US for a one year, renewable license. This is an affordable price for hosting one webinar, and a steal if you regularly host online meetings or web conferences. The main drawback we’ve found so far is having the tools only available on one computer, hence the named-user license.

Rococo wants to provide an interactive presentation and demonstrate one of their applications to webinar participants. Convoq’s product allows all of this, and seems to be a good match for small and medium sized businesses that can’t or don’t want to pay Webex’s hefty 45 cents/per person/per minute meeting charge. I’ll let you know how well it worked for us after the webinar.

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