Software Seller Prevents Sales

Robert Scoble points to the sort of why-this-product-sucks post that I love to both read and write. Michael Hyatt, CEO of the ninth-largest publishing company in the world, is somewhat displeased with the hoops he had to jump through to evaluate a product called Concept X7.

This is what you call �pennywise and pound foolish.� I mean, the software doesn�t even have a cost associated with it. News flash: It�s a digital download. It would have cost her company nothing. Instead, she ticked me off enough that I am spending my Thanksgiving morning writing a negative review of the product.

Michael mentions that he gets about 2000 readers a week. Unfortunately for Concept X7, Scoble’s reference will multiply that by a factor of ten for this piece.

If the developers of Concept X7 were smart, they’d be monitoring the blogosphere with Technorati searches, PubSub subscriptions and even Google News searches via RSS. They’d have been able to respond to Michael’s post immediately.

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