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The Blog Business Summit is, as you might expect, a conference about corporate blogging. It’s being held January 24-25, 2005 in Seattle. I’ve applied to speak, but I’m going to go regardless. Northern Voice is just a couple of weeks later, so it’ll be great to get perspective on a similar event and promote our Canadian blogging conference. Happily, our conference is more hobbyist-oriented (check out the suggested speaker topics for ours and theirs), so there won’t be too much overlap.
These folks are, in the words of Austin Powers, switched on. In addition to a usual pay-for-sponsorship program, they have a clicks-for-sponsorship. If you drive a certain number of clicks to their site, you achieve differing levels of sponsorship. After all, traffic = visitors = registrations = money. This PDF explains all, but the assailable sponsorship levels are 50, 300 and 2000 clicks. I learned about this clever angle from Rick E. Bruner. One feature they’re missing is the ability to check my current count. That can only be a motivating factor for participants to drive traffic to the site. After all, you’d hate to wind up with 295 clicks.

So, in the interests of scoring a decent sponsorship, click this button. Once is enough.

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