The Long Tail of News

PR blogger-extraordinaire Steve Rubel had a fantastic post today on How to Pitch into the Long Tail News Curve. Coming on the heels of an article he wrote for iMedia Connection, about the influence of the blogosphere on Marketing, Rubel shifts his focus to talk about the relevance of blogging in Public Relations.

Bloggers have opened up hundreds if not thousands of new opportunities for you to get your message across, especially as the ever competitive press closely monitor weblogs for the early rumblings of news. This is where you can use a Long Tail Strategy to succeed. The basic approach is simple � just follow the curve. Focus on bloggers at the beginning and end of the news cycle – where they have the greatest impact – and emphasize mainstream media in the meaty middle. It�s akin to the time-tested approach of pre-briefing analysts before you hit the press.

Darren perhaps said it best when he sent me this article with an email that simply said, “That Rubel’s a smart guy.”

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