Slides from eBC Presentation

Today I gave a presentation at eBusiness Connection, a BC-based not-for-profit e-business resource centre (read their informative weblog). The presentation was called “Building 21st Century Websites with Weblogs and RSS” and was a pretty basic but thorough introduction to those technologies. We shot some video of the presentation, and if it turns out okay, I might post a few minutes of it. During the presentation I demo’d setting up a blog on Blogger. Unfortunately, I typed the blog’s title incorrectly.
I uploaded the slides from this presentation as HTML pages or in their original PPT format (4.2 MB). As Mozilla Firefox users will note, the slides look nearly unreadable. Sorry about that. If anybody has OpenOffice installed, it probably has a cross-browser Save to HTML function. If anybody wants to resave my PPT file as kosher HTML, I’d be appreciative. Send me an email if you’re able to do that.

There are a bunch of links and resouces in the slides, but here are a few more that didn’t make it in:

Technorati – Blogosphere monitoring tool
PubSub – Blogosphere monitoring tool
Feedster – Blogosphere search engine
Feedburner – RSS stats package
Bloglines – Popular RSS reader
FeedDemon – Popular RSS reader
NetNewsWire – Popular RSS reader for the Mac
Northern Voice – Blogging conference in the spring

Roland, as you’ll see from slides 22 to 25 that I borrowed and adapted your excellent diagram. I credited you, so I hope you don’t mind. In fact, you might want to use my prettier version as part of your source material for our NewMediaBC talk on November 18.

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