Blogging About the Competition

Microsoft technical evangelist and uber-blogger Robert Scoble, recently asked if the industry must always be “us” versus “them”, meaning a company versus it’s competitors. What caught my attention was Scoble’s point on blogging about the competition.

If a competitor is doing something interesting, you might as well talk about it. My readers are smart. Smarter than I am, certainly. They all know how to use Google and Yahoo and MSN. Some even know how to use all three together.

Here’s a clue: not everyone in the world uses Windows for everything. I’m going to write about them here. Business is about relationships and relationships start by talking to each other and figuring out where you can find some common ground.

I want to find a way to discuss things across company and religious (technology wise) boundaries in a calm measured way so that people can learn more and think of partnering with the other side when appropriate.

Well said, any suggestions as to how this can be acheived? and playing devil’s advocate for a moment, with the competetive nature of business, can we really do away with “us” versus “them”?

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