The 1-Minute Site Manifesto

Every person responsible for creating or contributing to a website should read this ChangeThis manifesto by two fellas called Oliva & Toscani. It’s full of heretical notions like ‘the home page is your website’s least important page’:

From the visitor’s point of view, your company’s Website is your company. Your company is made up of people, not just products. This is why your visitors expect to find a site made up of people, life, and dialogue. Not just products. But Web providers deny this equivalence and make you believe that your site is the company’s umpteenth marketing channel to be stuffed full of salesmen’ s blah-blahblah. Start thinking like your visitors. Think that your site is your company, a family made up of persons that people expect to talk to.

The thinking in this piece seems directly descended from The Cluetrain Manifesto, and is making me re-think the way we build and write for websites.

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