PR and Blogging

Via Tom Murphy a blogging article by Philip Young for the UK’s Institue of Public Relations

“When web logs first appeared a couple of years ago, they were often dismissed as online diaries – egocentric ramblings from lonely bedroom philosophers – but now many forward-thinking PR practitioners believe �blogging� may have profound implications for their profession.”

Blogging is definitely changing the face of PR, one only has to look as far as the recent PR nightmare for Friendster, to realize how far the blogosphere can spread information for (or about) a company. The open sharing of information can be a challenge for PR professionals and companies working from a more traditional model.

One of the challenges for PRs used to dealing with traditional media outlets, is learning to work with participatory journalism, characterised by almost zero entry costs and an ethos demanding two-way communication � dialogue that will be open and critical, whether organisations like it or not.

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