eBC Blog for Small Business

Capulet recently helped set up a weblog for eBC, a Vancouver organization providing e-business resources for small businesses. eBC is using the blog as a tool to communicate informally with small businesses about technology issues.
eBC explains the new blog:

We all know the advantages that large organizations can gain from implementing technology solutions at the enterprise level. But, those same solutions can work for small businesses as well. They simply need to be modified to fit a small business budget. We are firm believers that Internet technology can improve business processes for small and micro enterprises. Therefore, we�ve created this blog to help small business owners and operators learn more about the Internet and low-cost technology solutions suited to small business — solutions that are fast and easy to implement.

You can also catch Capulet partner Darren Barefoot’s upcoming eBC seminar “Building 21st Century Websites with Weblogs and RSS”. It takes place Wednesday, November 10, from 12:00pm -1:30 pm. Pre-registration is CAN $15.

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