Business Blogging Starter Kit

Via the Radiant Marketing blog we find the Business Blogging Starter Kit (incidentally, the blog is offering an exclusive discount on the kit). The Starter Kit is targeted as a primer for small business interested in using a weblog as a tool for marketing and communications.

Using case studies, specific examples & clear, non-technical explanations you will learn:

  • What a blog is and how to set one up, with examples to guide you
  • What RSS is, and how to explain it to your readers
  • Why you should consider adding a blog to your site
  • The advantages of blogging over sending an e-newsletter or ezine to your members, and how to set up a blog that complements your e-newsletter or ezine marketing
  • How & what to write about in a blog to make it a useful resource
  • How to keep your blog going so it’s not a chore
  • How adding a blog to your site can help you get around spam filters AND increase traffic to your site
  • What the technology is behind a blog and how easy it is to start and maintain one

Interesting idea, and another good indication that blogs are becoming more of a mainstream tool for marketing and communications.

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