Standard Employee Blogging Policy

Via Corante a post about Joyce Park who was fired from Friendster for blogging. Friendster had no company policy on blogging, and Park notes the irony in being fired for sharing information by “a company that is all about getting people to reveal information about themselves…”.
Corante advocates for a standard employee blogging policy that “bloggers can bring to their companies to set expectations and a way of doing things right”.

Ross Mayfield explains the need for a Standard Employee Blogging Policy, especially at large tech companies:

When an employee proposes external enterprise blogging, she needs to kill off policy debate by pointing to an open and accepted agreement. Either that or wait until a court decision on corporate exposure.

So here we have this little industry, known for its technical and cultural cooperation. To open up the floodgates, lets encourage enterprises to share the process and result of discovery, much like Sun has done.

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