The Future of Blogging…

Via Business Blog Consulting, Part 1 of an interesting interview on the Radiant Marketing Group blog with some of the most prominent marketing consultant bloggers.
Interviewer Paul Chaney asked the bloggers, including Seth Godin, Rick Bruner, John Jantsch, and Debbie Weil, “Are blogs ready for prime-time? What is the future of blogging? Will it become a mainstream medium and, if so, when?” Answers vary from all websites being built around blogs, to blogging remaining outside the mainstream. Debbie Weil provided the most moderate opinion,

Blogging isn’t mainstream yet. But I predict that in the not too distant future the most successful Web sites will be built around a blog. In other words, the index or home page of an effective Web site will be a blog, with constantly updated, fresh content.

Part 2 of the interview, with the authors of The Cluetrain Manifesto, is available now.

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