Echo Memoirs in the Globe & Mail

Capulet client Echo Memoirs was featured in the Globe & Mail this past weekend.
Echo Memoirs is one of only a handful of lifestyles clients Capulet works with, and getting coverage for them in Canada’s most widely read national paper was a great success. (The first call already came in from Montreal this morning!)

Echo Memoirs president Samantha Reynolds handled the interview like a pro, and really captured the personal experience of her clients.

“It’s a really validating process for them to see their lives told through the eyes of strangers,” says Reynolds. “And it’s quite cathartic. I don’t think there’s been one case where we’ve delivered the book and someone hasn’t cried.

“At the outset, some people might think it’s expensive,” adds the publisher. “But once they see the final product, they realize this isn’t just a $5,000 book — it’s a $5,000 family legacy.”

With one call in already it will be interesting to track the leads this article generates. Echo Memoirs is still receiving book orders from their December 2003 Vancouver Sun article.

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