Getting Journalists to Open (and Read) Your Emails

From, an article with tips and tricks for getting journalists to open and read your emails.

Email Do’s�

  • Make the information you place in the subject line short and to the point. Often, a reporter�s email software cuts off the subject at only a few words.
  • Don�t get cute or be too vague in your subject line. For example, Here�s a Great Story! is vague and sounds like spam; This Will Win You A Pulitzer! will make you look silly (unless you�re delivering the scoop of the century, of course).
  • Try to make your most newsworthy points at the top of your email message. Don�t expect a reporter to scroll down to find the news.
  • Include your contact information, including cell phone, email address, regular address, fax number and Web site URL, at the beginning and end of the email.
  • Include a link to your Web site if you have additional information such as photos, press releases, bios, surveys.

With journalists receiving possibly hundreds of email pitches, it is important to ensure that your emails are making it over the proverbial wall. While most of these tips are common sense, they are a good reminder that when using email, you have to get your point across as quick and concise as possible.

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