Online PR

This post on Strategic Public Relations blog comments on a recent roundtable discussion about Online Public Relations.

In addition to the usual suspect topics, it was good to see “using PR to drive search engine traffic” as a topic, which also addressed public relations and pay per click. “There is a unique opportunity in online PR as you have absolute control over the content of releases. This can play a major part in improving search rankings and driving relevant traffic through to your website.”

The piece also found a red flag for public relations agencies: We asked those (big brand) clients present at our online PR roundtable the following three questions:

  1. Do you have a retained PR agency? � ALL said yes
  2. Do you think this �online PR� we are discussing is important and valuable? � ALL said yes
  3. Do you have confidence that your current agencies have this covered? � ALL said no

This is an important finding for PR professionals to take note of. The blog post and the roundtable are both worth a read.

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