A Blog-Savvy Marketing Strategy

Cross-posted from Darren’s weblog.
The people at Thinstall get online communities and social software. Via BoingBoing, we learn that they offer a discount on their software depending on how high your Google PageRank is.

We need your help spreading the news about Thinstall. As a blogger who discusses programming and programming tools, we value your comments and know that other programmers look to you for advice. As a reward for mentioning Thinstall in your blog, we want to offer you a discount for Thinstall Studio.

The more popular your blog is, the more advertising value it has for us and the steeper the discount we’ll offer. If you are super-popular, you can have a 1 cent copy! The easiest way for us to measure popularity is using Google Page Rank. To find the page rank for your blog or web page, visit this page.

The folks at Thinstall recognize that a few plugs on well-read sites will translate into a lot of orders for their organization. Just as I disparaged HitBox yesterday for their lousy support, I’m likely to write positive things about products I like.

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