Pitching: Canadian High-Tech Journalists vs. US Media

Marketing Sherpa’s recent article discusses the art of pitching Canadian vs. US technology journalists. Being an American publication, MS is targeting US companies wanting to pitch Canadian media, but the article is also interesting from a Canadian perspective.
Montreal Technology Marketing professional Susan Verrecchia offers tips to those wanting to break into Canada

Canadian publications’ first mandate is to cover Canadian products. “They will cover US products but it would have to be a very compelling or large company, or an interesting area,” Verrecchia says. The best way to get around this, she suggests, is to look at editorial calendars and pitch a story based on what’s coming up.

Four ways Canadian high-tech journalists differ from their US counterparts:

  1. Canadian media is more generalized
  2. Less separation between media in Canada
  3. Most pubs are monthly & have a shorter lead time
  4. Canadians are more responsive

The article also offers a list of key Canadian technology journalists to contact.

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