Effective Collateral for the Sales Force

Here’s an engaging and incisive essay on what makes good collateral for sales people:

We create a collateral package, like the one I described above. Some of us even call that package a sales tool. But what we really create is a kind of promotional potpourri. An assemblage of sweet smelling stuff in an attractive folder. Actually, we don’t even create most of the content. We build the brochure and some data sheets, and then leave lots of pocket space in the folder for the Sales force to add whatever they can find�from white papers to annual reports to ad tear sheets. If it�s on the lit shelf it may very well end up in the package.

The primary content-inclusion policy is �bulk is best.�

The primary organizational structure is �pretty in front, ugly in back.�

In my experience, the more technically-literate the writer who creates these packages, the more useful and compelling they are.

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