RSS and Atom Going (More) Mainstream

We at Capulet have been advocates of RSS (and the new variation Atom) for a couple years. Increasingly, our clients and colleagues are asking us about it–in particular, as an alternative to spam. Here’s a Yahoo article on the subject:

The technology behind them is called RSS and I rely on it daily to consult The New York Times, the BBC, CNET News, Slashdot and a few dozen other Web sites that employ RSS to make the very latest news stories or bits of commentary available for the plucking. Aided by software on my computer that goes out and retrieves my feeds, I swiftly sort through headlines and summaries. By clicking on included hyperlinks, I can visit originating sites for more detail.

Plenty of non-technology companies are already using RSS to distribute information. Two that immediately come to mind are General Motors and Warner Brothers Records.

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