PR People Still Don’t Get Blogs

Chances are if you’re reading Capulet’s blog you know a thing or two about one of the fastest growing technology trends of the day – blogging. Short for web logging, web logs have become highly influential in the tech community and beyond. Although some of the more popular blogs are read by up to 350,000 people per month, many PR people are still neglecting blogs as a way to get their company’s messages heard.
Marketing Wonk reports that in a recent survey of 610 bloggers, 90.3% of respondents have never been contacted by a company or organization with product or service information, asking the blogger to blog about them. This may, the surveyors observe, be because the public relations industry has yet to direct a large amount of its efforts towards bloggers.

While 41.8% say they would be willing to be contacted about products and services, they also reserve the right to post a negative review.

Keeping this last point in mind, it’s important to pitch bloggers both carefully and correctly. Here are some good tips for pitching to bloggers.

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