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Staying up-to-date on the latest PR trends can be a challenge. Let’s face it, it’s hard enough to stay au current with editorial calendars. There are a few PR resources that will keep you in the loop about the latest PR trends, technologies and industry issues:
I-PR Digest – if you aren’t already a subscriber, this is a must for PR practitioners. The moderation, BL Ochman, provides useful insights and runs a helpful forum that discusses issues such as ‘Are PR Services Worth the Money’ and ‘Press Releases From Hell’. I-PR Digest has recently begun charging for its service. Don’t let that put you off. Sign up for i-PR at

Tom Murphy’s blog, natterjackpr provides insightful thoughts and opinions on the Public Relations profession and industry. Tom’s blog will help you catch-up if you’re still not sure why blogs are useful PR tools. His recent entries include tips on including your personal business image and the merger of web and print.

Those of you who practice PR in Canada should check-out the Canadian Public Relations Society. While the events may be a little hit and miss, there’s still interesting info here.

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