Professional Speakers on Marketing and Movements

In addition to our work as digital marketers, we regularly host workshops and present at conferences. We’ve developed a Movement Marketing Program; a unique service designed for organizations and leaders ready to expand and engage an online movement. You can read more about how we help you develop this program strategy, here.

We take components from this program and present to audiences looking to kick-start their own online movements and seeking digital expertise. We also love to talk about what the web loves and the constantly shifting landscape of online advertising.

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Speaking Topics

Social Media Marketing Master Classes

The explosive growth of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social tools has changed how we reach and serve customers. It’s time to rethink the status quo of how we acquire our customers and refine promotional techniques so they resonate with web savvy audiences.

Does your current marketing plan make the best of online opportunities and integrate proven offline activities? In this one-day workshop, develop strategies that will:

  • Enable you to run web-based campaigns that get noticed by your target audience
  • Improve customer acquisition
  • Integrate web marketing into your existing marketing strategy and plan
  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) and measures online activities and investment

These small-group workshops are designed for senior marketing professionals in distinct industry sectors. Strategy discussion, examples and best practices are customized for each workshop. Master classes are led by Capulet staff and our network of web marketing experts from niche fields. Contact us to schedule a masterclass for your team, company or organization.

The Remarkables and Word-of-Mouth Marketing for Non-Profits

If you only engage in ordinary outreach activities – petition asks, email marketing and Google AdWord buys – you won’t get noticed in a busy landscape where every non-profit is vying for attention and support. Why? When everyone does the same thing, no one organization shines. Truly remarkable organizations get their marketing done for them – for free – by their most excited, committed, passionate and devoted fans. They earn it by providing exceptional member experiences, by being unique, bold and creative.Word-of-mouth isn’t just about one-off gimmicks or “viral” campaigns. It’s an overall approach to movement building based no a new online reality where everyday people have become the most powerful marketing department on the planet. Non-profit organizations are starting to create remarkable online campaigns based on the theory and philosophy of movement marking.

Building a Social Media Strategy

Adding social media into the marketing mix is increasingly important for marketers and communicators who want to establish an online presence for their organizations. Wherever you are in your social media learning, it’s important to take a step back and evaluate your social media marketing strategy. Are you in the right social media channels? There’s more to the social web than Twitter and Facebook. Are you using your time effectively? Are you cutting through the web’s (and your competitors’) noise?

How to Manage Your Online Advertising

According to a recent report published by Efficient Frontier (EF), a digital marketing firm that monitors growth in search engine advertising, the total amount marketers were likely to spend on cost-per-click (CPC) advertising on Facebook rose 22% in the last quarter. The report predicts that “advertising dollars will shift from offline to search, Facebook and display” channels. We tend to agree. If this is true, then brands still considering online advertising budgets would be wise to test the waters of online advertising now. The longer they wait, the longer they risk competing with brands already established in these channels who, as early-adopters of CPC ads, have had a head start converting users into customers. We can show you how to wade into online advertising and stretch you budget across the different online channels.

Social Media: What’s New and What Matters?

Though most of us missed the first few years, the social web is about a decade old. We’ve all observed the explosive growth of services like blogs, Facebook and Twitter– about two-thirds of Canadians have a Facebook account. Organizations wrestle with how best to engage with a social media landscape that continues to shift under their feet. What are the current trends in social media? Where should you spend your online time and dollars? Answers to these questions rest in case studies from the cultural and historical sectors, and lessons that you can apply to your own work, right away.

Social Media Bootcamp

Adding social media into the marketing mix is increasingly important for marketers who want to establish an online presence for their businesses. We’re running one-day workshops to teach communicators and marketers, as well as small business owners, how to bring more visitors to your website, increase your company’s visibility online, approach bloggers and other online influencers about your products and services, incorporate online channels like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter into your marketing programs and devise a sound social media marketing strategy.

Click here to learn more about Bootcamp or to register for the next workshop.


“I urge all CEOs and managers new to social media marketing to attend Darren and Julie’s Social Media Marketing Bootcamp… so you’ll get it.”

Wayne Racine, Digital Marketing Manager, London Drugs

“The course was engaging and wildly practical. And confirmed a lot of the strategies we are using that are working for building networks.”

Shawna Reibling, Knowledge Mobilization Coordinator, Faculty of Education, UBC

“I really enjoyed the day. I feel much more up to speed with the social media tools we now have to incorporate in our daily lives.”

Elyse Mailhot, Canadian Tourism Commission

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Net Tuesday, September 2012

Global Environments Summer Academy,
August, 2012

CAPS-I, May, 2012

iMedia, May, 2012

NetSquared Camp, April, 2012

HTCE: Heartbeats and Remarkables: Creating a Two-Pronged Digital Engagement Strategy, December, 2011

Power Up @ The Hive: Social Media for Social Good: Using the Web to Build Your Tribe, November, 2011

SaskCulture: Keynote, October, 2011

High Tech Communicators Exchange, September, 2011

Net Tuesday, September, 2011

My Charity Connects, June, 2010 and 2011

Web Content, June, 2011

CAPS-I Conference, May, 2011

Nonprofit Technology Conference, March, 2011

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Social Change Institute, June, 2013

Net Tuesday, June, 2013

Fireworks Factory, June, 2013