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The Noble Arsonist: Stoking fires and igniting movements for NGOs (and companies that care)

The Noble Arsonist is Capulet’s free e-book of strategies and tactics for increasing the reach of your not-for-profit organization and shepherding your existing supporters into doing more.

This e-book is packed with strategies, stories, tips and hard-earned wisdom including a series of case studies about organizations doing great movement marketing work. We’ve profiled campaigns by Greenpeace, LeadNow, Mountain Equipment Co-op and others.

We’ll cover how to get to know your audience and how you can better understand what they need from you in order to get excited about your cause. And, we’ll get you thinking about wild and wonderful campaign ideas with examples of inspirational “remarkables.”

The Noble Arsonist is for you if you do work in:

  • Marketing
  • Digital and political advocacy
  • Non-profit and for-profit campaigns
  • Online community management
  • Social media management
  • Public relations and communications
  • Business for social impact

Visit NobleArsonist.com to download your free copy of The Noble Arsonist.

Friends with Benefits

If you’re a marketer in a company, agency or small business, “Friends with Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook” will tell you how to market products and services through social media channels like blogs, Facebook and Twitter.

Filled with tricks, tips and real world case studies, you’ll learn how to:

  • Bring more visitors to your website
  • Increase your company’s visibility online
  • Approach bloggers and other online influencers about your products and services
  • Create compelling viral campaigns
  • Tell remarkable stories about ordinary products
  • Get your website social media ready
  • Craft a potent social media pitch
  • Market effectively inside Facebook
  • Avoid campaign killers and online faux pas

Want to try before you buy? Read a sample chapter.


“If you’re ready to get off the sidelines and get serious about social media marketing, you must read this book first. Friends With Benefits is tactical, practical, and above all, useful.” [Link]

Lee LeFever, Common Craft

“This book is invaluable and there’s nothing like it out there in terms of a realistic portrayal of what works and what doesn’t.” [Link]

Chris Abraham, Marketing Conversation

“[Friends With Benefits] offers some great tips for even the most experienced marketers out there.” [Link]

Alyssa Gregory, SitePoint

“Friends With Benefits is a must-read for social media marketers and those new to the field.” [Link]

Monique Trottier, So Misguided

“For experienced marketers looking to keep up on their own industries as well as learn the intricate details of social media, I recommend adding this book to your reading list.” [Link]

Eric Tsai, Designdamage

“[Friends With Benefits is] very clear, easy to read, and non-threatening.” [Link]

Mark Dykeman, Broadcasting Brain